A Guide to Buying Ladies' Leather Gloves

Published: 05th December 2011
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Whether it is the missing piece in your wardrobe, or simply that your fingers have turned blue with cold far too many times, the ladies’ leather glove is an exceptionally luxurious and indulgent piece of clothing. What follows is a handy – pun sadly intended – guide to picking the perfect item for your needs.

To begin with, you need to find something that visually appeals to you. While it may seem obvious to repeat, ladies’ leather gloves are an accessory, and therefore not essential. If you do not like how they look, or feel comfortable wearing them, you will find that more often than not they will get left at home, or forgotten, rather than being shown off or perfectly complimenting an outfit. The best place to find the largest selection of gloves is on the internet, so have a good browse to find the one you like, keeping in mind the rest of the advice of this article.

Glove sizes thankfully range above and beyond the S,M,L – as you certainly don’t want to refute the old cliché with one that doesn’t fit well. On your dominant hand, measure round the lowest knuckle of your little finger to the flesh above the webbing of your thumb. Then convert into inches (multiply by 2.54) rounding up to the nearest half to provide you with your size.

The materials used are a key consideration: your hands are very rarely stationary, so buying poor quality leather will mean that they wear and fray exceptionally quickly, and will easily be recognisable as such – they should look, feel and smell so delectable that you consider eating them instead of wearing them. Moreover, your hands are certainly not simple shapes, which mean that there are a lot of seams where poor workmanship will easily let you down. Choosing the cheapest pair of women’s leather gloves you find is in fact a false economy.

• To avoid this problem, you should ensure that they are at least made from Nappa or Napa leather, as its namesake tanning process means that it is soft and supple.
• For those wishing to go that extra step Hairsheep leather is made from a sheep that has been bred to grow hair, not wool. It is particularly suited to ladies’ leather gloves as it is finer than other leathers; meaning has a soft, buttery texture, while still retaining the strength.
• Deerskin leather is naturally tougher than sheep or cow leather, while still being equally soft, luxurious and supple; it is therefore more expensive, but more durable and longer lasting than the previous types.
• Finally, peccary leather is the world’s finest leather for gloves. Sourced from a South American wild pig, it is simply the most glamorous, softest and strongest and expensive – need I say more?

Linings are also important when making ladies leather gloves: aside from creating a significantly more luxurious experience by being incredibly comfortable on the human skin, there are practical aspects to choosing natural materials over synthetic. Some are designed to keep the animal warm in the first place, as well as maintain a natural flexibility that complements the elegant movements of the hand. Moreover, they are also breathable, and this helps with regulating heat too.

• Wool is the cheapest option, and sadly the least useful. It is warm and hard wearing but certainly not as comfortable as other materials.
• Silk is the typical lining as it is the most versatile - it can be both cool and warm and is light and smooth to the touch.
• Cashmere is gorgeously cosy and soft, as well as elegantly light.
• Rabbit fur is for those who want something gloriously different, evoking Hollywood glamour or vintage elegance.

With that in mind now we come to the issue of use – as this will dictate many other deciding factors when buying ladies leather gloves.

Driving gloves – this iconic design is intended to transmit the feel of the steering wheel to the hand, so must be a tight fit. Ventilation on the knuckles and fingers and short cuffs also improve comfort and do not restrict movement. Don’t forget to decide whether these leather gloves are going to match your clothes or the car.

Winter gloves - aim to protect you from the elements; so the lining should be of soft, light and warm materials like cashmere or even rabbit fur for those who wish to have more of an edge. They will be worn with your coat, and most likely a hat, so your women’s leather gloves should aim to complement that.

Pure fashion piece – obviously the key issue is that it should match your outfit. Look for interesting and sympathetic buckle designs, or shades. Make a statement and assert your individualism: strongly with contrasting colours or types of leather; or subtly, by choosing a different lining or type of leather.

Dress gloves – really covers everything else. They should be versatile so that lends itself to a silk lining and plain styling. These are the workhorses, and require the best materials so that the quality speaks for itself both with how it looks and the durability it has.

For a good place to start your search for ladies’ leather gloves or indeed, other luxury accessories, Click Here.

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